GIS and Mapping

To complement our on-the-ground services, GISPacific provides state-of-the-art mapping and spatial analysis services that add value to your data. With expertise in GIS, data management, and remote sensing, we develop datasets and analyses that allow our clients to observe and understand key features of their projects. We gather and analyze geospatial and aerial data to extract levels of information to underline key patterns and relationships important to your projects, such as terrain, land cover, land use, aquatic resources, and sensitive habitats.

GPS Field Mapping and Data Acquisition

GISPacific provides full global positioning system (GPS) mapping and field inventory services.  We also provide training and data dictionary setup for clients who prefer to perform the field work themselves.  We are experienced users of a number of GPS brands and utilize them to fulfill your project requirements.

Unmanned Aerial System (UAS)*

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GISPacific, LLC is an authorized FAA licensed operator of UASs.  Our drone professionals enable project development with greater intelligence and planning. Below are the sectors GISPacific focuses on:


We deliver georeferenced orthomosaics and real-time project updates. We will measure area, distances, and convert images into maps, 3D models and drawings.

Construction, Engineering and Surveying

Drones are increasingly utilized to provide topographical maps, scan large job sites, and create contour maps of terrain and structures with great accuracy.

UASs are becoming a key tool for construction companies, surveyors, architects and engineers allowing improved measurement accuracy and efficiency.

Project Managers (PM) can use maps to communicate with clients and stakeholders. PMs can track progress and use UAS products during all phases of work.

Roofing and Solar Surveys

Roof surveying, collecting measurements, drawing diagrams and identifying penetrations can take up to 2 hours or more using traditional methods. Along with surveying times, drone surveys can increase flexibility, consistency, safety and the documentation aspects of your project.

Speed - Some roof surveys be completed within minutes.

Flexibility - Getting detailed measurements on steep and/or complex roofs can add additional time and costs to your projects. Our UASs outputs are the same regardless of roof complexity.

Consistency - UASs reduce human error. Our drones will capture imagery the same way on every home we survey.

Safety - Drone techs are doing the surveys. There is not a need for ladders and other equipment or walking on the roof, reducing the risk of accidents. 

Documentation - Drones can help detect preexisting damage to roofs.  This helps you identify areas where you will be installing panels or areas you need to address.  Contractors can now provide clients before/after images and/or videos if warranted.

Real Estate

Prospective buyers arrive at showings readied with more information than ever before. At this point, most listings don't feature aerial photos or videos.  This is an opportunity for agents to stand out and influence their clients at earlier stages.

3D Modeling

We perform photogrammetric processing of our images to generate 3D spatial data to generate 3D images, measure distances, areas, volume and elevation.

Business Analysis

We utilize GIS analyses for location planning, facility/site optimization, and land status to make more informed business decisions.

Other GIS & GPS Services

ArcGIS Online Web Maps

Data Conversion & Migration

LiDAR Mapping & Analysis

Data Reconciliation & Validation

Post-Processing GPS Collected Field Data


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