1.  We are currently partnered with the Surfrider Oahu Chapter (https://oahu.surfrider.org/)  to create web maps that allow users to interact with displays and learn more about Surfrider events, campaigns, and alerts.  The following are a few of the thematic representations we are presenting: *

a) Beach Cleanups - Surfrider cleanup efforts around Oahu.  Each location includes data on lbs. collected, types of trash removed, numbers of volunteers, and photos of the event.

b) Ocean Friendly Gardens & Stormwater - a catalogue of the rain gardens that Surfrider builds residentially and publicly that includes pictures, listing of plants used, and what types of water diversion was used (rain barrels, drip irrigation, mulching, pervious pavement, etc.).   We also display brown water alerts, stream cleanups, and education projects related to stormwater runoff solutions.

c) Blue Water Task Force & Water Quality - an inventory of citizen science reports of degraded water quality and potential public health risks.  Maps display the water quality testing results that help fill gaps that have been exposed in DOH efforts.

*The webmap can be viewed HERE.

2.  Data Migration  

a) SDSFIE Data Migration - We were contracted by an Oahu based consulting firm to redesign their GIS deliverable into SDSFIE-compliant geodatabases. This increased clarity and reduced redundancy in the data. The SDSFIE database is designed as a community standard to support common implementation and maximize interoperability for the user.

3.  Guam International Airport Noise Contours - GISPacific was tasked to produce an all-inclusive noise contour map for the residential areas surrounding Guam International Airport.  We gathered data and information from multiple sources and standardized it into a usable GIS format.  An interactive stakeholder map was produced for the contractor and can be viewed below:

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